The Andalusia Office Professionals Association selected Tiffany Harris as Office Professional of the Year at the organization’s 46th annual banquet held Tuesday, April 16, at Big Mike’s Steakhouse.

Harris works at PowerSouth and has been a member of AOPA for nearly two years.

“I feel honored. It’s nice to work somewhere that my work is recognized and appreciated. I appreciate Damon Morgan and the guidance he gives me, allowing me to grow at PowerSouth,” Harris said.

Other AOPA members praised Harris for her job duties and the work she performs.

“Tiffany exhibits a positive attitude as she manages her responsibilities, which are spread across a handful of senior vice presidents and directors. In addition to all of her secretarial and clerical tasks, she works with proficiency and a smile. She develops positive relationships with all who interact with her and provides assistance beyond her assigned scope, even within the organization. Once she takes on a task, you can count on it being completed,” they said.

In addition to selecting Harris as Office Professional of the Year, the AOPA also announced some changes to its board. Four board members retained their positions: Trece Mays as president, Courtney Shakespeare as treasurer, Adrianna Carpenter as secretary, and Kim Johns as a director.

Anna Clark was inducted as the new vice-president replacing Yvonne Sowell. Kaitlyn Anderson was also appointed as the second director and replaced Kim Nawlin. Both Nawlin and Sowell stepped down from their duties to pursue other ventures outside of AOPA.

Destiny Rowell of Grit+Grind Coffee served as the guest speaker for this year’s banquet.

Monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at Tabby D’s at noon. Anyone interested in joining the AOPA may contact any member of the organization. Annual membership dues are $20.

For more information visit the Andalusia Office Professionals Association-AOPA page on Facebook.

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